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pportunities are available for anyone searching for God and for meaning in life -- anyone interested in nourishing the soul. The purpose of these workshops is to open an awareness and experience of Spirit’s presence, power, and relevance in our everyday living. These classes, workshops, or seminars promote a continuous source of meditation, reflection and communion about the foundation of all spiritual activity: the inner workings of the Spirit of God in men and women.  All lectures and workshops are open to the public and most are free.

21st CENTURY SPIRITUALITY - Thursdays @ 7:00 PM

An ongoing study of the book, "Death: A Preface (A Continuing Journey)" by Hal N. Banks will begin Thursday, April 3, at 7:00 PM. Dr. Rafael Catalá will lead this exploration of life after death. The theme of this book is: it is impossible to die; there is no death; each of us has eternity to fulfill our destinies. It will give the reader great hope, an upsurge of optimism.  Dr. Banks shares his personal convictions and requests a fair hearing. The best is yet to be as we struggle in this kindergarten of the soul. The ultimate decision to believe or not is entirely in the reader's hands. The Soul of God's creation is LOVE!  Hal Banks, a retired Presbyterian minister, was active at Good Sam until his death in 2008. This opportunity is open to everyone and there is no registration or fee.

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